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The Best Gifts for the Holidays

Every holiday season we search for the perfect gift for our friends and family, always on the look out for something they’ll like or can be useful for their everyday life. If this sounds like you, this is the perfect opportunity for you to present your loved ones with CBD products and introduce them to […]

Celebrities and CBD

Did you know some of your favorite celebrities are CBD advocates and use CBD products daily to improve their health? Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and Tom Hanks are only a few that have publicly stated their love for CBD and how it has helped improve their lives. Now, we all know the wonderful properties that CBD products […]

Peace Lily and the Pandemic

“The Great Resignation”   From the outside looking in, one can’t truly see the work and passion that goes into running an online business. Examples of things one has to managed includes: website management Blogging Email campaigns Social media Creating content Seeking out & coordinating pop-up events Attending pop-ups Shipping out orders Public relations outreach […]