Want to become part of the Peace Tribe? Join our brand ambassador program and help bring peace to others!

This position is perfect for someone who:

  • Wants to introduce people to plant medicine
  • Holistic healer
  • Aspirations of being an entrepreneur
  • Loves sharing knowledge with others
  • Aligns with our company’s values

If this resonates with you, you are the perfect person to join our mission. Empower others to practice holistic healing and educate the world about the power of CBD.

Apply Today!

Why you should join

Aside from empowering others and helping heal, these are the other benefits of becoming a CBD brand ambassador:

  • 50% off products
  • Followers receive 10% off
  • Starting 25% commission and up to 40%
  • Highlighted in our blog post
  • Featured in our social media