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Why Athletes are turning to CBD

Why Athletes are turning to CBD

Why Athletes are turning to CBD

Sports have been around for centuries, an event that brings people together. Whether your team lost or won, you’d feel the energy in the room from everyone being entertained by a sporting event.

Unfortunately, that very event that brings people together can also be traumatic. When it comes to sports there are more likely injuries involved. When a player injures themself, they have a high likelihood of decreased mental health. In a study, Reese stated, “They also have the potential to cause a great deal of psychological disturbance through increased anger, depression, anxiety, tension, fear, and decreased self-esteem (1).” Since your mental health can dictate your physical health and vice versa, it’s very important to keep a healthy mind. But injuries can be difficult, especially for those that experience injuries that require surgery. Here we discuss Why Athletes are turning to CBD…


CBD vs. Pain Relief Pharmaceuticals

With CBD now being federally legal for almost 4 years, many athletes, especially professionals whether retired or not, are becoming more active in the cannabis industry. For example, Paul Pierce has openly stated how he’s loving the benefits of the cannabis plant. The side effects of CBD are low compared to the pharmaceutical pills doctors prescribe for pain specifically. While CBD has side effects of drowsiness, upset stomach, and constipation if taken in a huge quantity. Prescription pills like opioids that help with pain can cause addiction, depression, and can even lead to death.


One of our customers and partners of Dr. Peace Lily was kind enough to share her personal journey of being a professional athlete, dealing with injuries, and her experience of becoming more aware of holistic health.

“I’m a retired basketball player. Mind you, I’m only 24 years old, so most of my short life has been dedicated to sports. Every athlete knows that with sports comes injuries and unfortunately I fell victim to it, ending my career in college at Michigan State. I’m already on my 6th knee surgery, hearing every negative comment from nurses to doctors to this day. It seemed as if pills never seemed to fully help me recover from any surgery. I always felt odd and not myself when I had to live “pain-free” from a pill. It didn’t sit right with me at all, the side effects weren’t worth it. That’s when I started noticing pain relief from something that was natural and had more history than any pill ever. Let’s just say marijuana and CBD has become my best friend and I’m not ashamed of it because of how much peace and pain relief it has brought me. And to tell you the best part… The two main medicines I use now are CBD & Marijuana. I don’t rely on any prescription pain medication and I found the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD to be a great tool in my healing journey. ” – Victoria Gaines


Just as sports bring people together, CBD has been helping bring people together and heal individuals from the inside out. More and more athletes are turning to more of a holistic approach when it comes to aiding the body. They are also sharing their success when it comes to CBD for pain relief with their family and friends and helping to remove the negative stigma that was once attached to cannabis. Like centuries ago, people are renewing their love for cannabis and understanding the powerful healing benefits of the plant physically and mentally.


What’s next for athletes?

We believe in the coming years more and more athletes will turn to CBD for pain relief, reducing inflammation, reducing swelling, and muscle recovery. CBD is very versatile and can be used topically and taken orally in many different forms. At Dr. Peace Lily, two of our best sellers for pain relief are the Relief Rub and Full Spectrum Capsules. Whether you are a professional athlete or like to work out regularly at LA Fitness, the Relief Rub will help to soothe your aching muscles, speed up recovery, and reduce inflammation. The Capsules are great for those that want to reduce inflammation from within, keep their body in the best shape, and melt away any pain.




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