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Best Foods to Take With CBD (2023)

healthy nuts. should you take cbd capsules with or without food

Should you take CBD capsules with or without food? It’s a common question a lot of customers ask and this blog will answer it and help you understand why taking CBD with food can help maximize absorption.

It’s best to have a fatty meal or snack for maximum absorption. CBD has a much higher rate of absorption with a fatty meal because it increases bioavailability.

What is bioavailability?

Now you might be wondering what bioavailability is and why it matters.

Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance (CBD in this case) is absorbed into your bloodstream or is made available at the site of physiological activity. If something has a low bioavailability, then a lot of the drug will get destroyed in your gut and will not end up in your bloodstream to exert its effects. Increasing bioavailability will allow you to have a larger effect while taking a smaller amount of product.


Try to avoid taking CBD on an empty stomach

A study published by the University of Minnesota wanted to observe how CBD was affected by food in adult patients with refractory epilepsy. Patients were given CBD oil on an empty stomach and tight after eating a high-fat meal. Scientists measured the amount of CBD in the patient’s bloodstream right after the meal and results showed that when taken with a fatty meal the effects of CBD increased. The amount of CBD that was in the bloodstream was 4 times higher compared to when taken on an empty stomach (1). This study helps answer the question of if you should you take CBD capsules with or without food.


What are the best foods to eat with CBD?


The diet culture in America has been around for decades, describing that we should avoid fatty foods. Not all fatty foods are bad for our health. In fact, our bodies need fatty foods to function properly. Of those healthy fats is avocado. Not only is the avocado amazing to pair when taking CBD, it has amazing health benefits. In fact, a study done by University of California (1992) found that eating avocados can possibly help with (2):

  • Protecting ourselves against cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Eye Support 
  • Delaying the onset of aging


Another one of those “healthy fats” are nuts of every kind, including peanut butter. There are multiple nuts to choose from, from peanuts, cashews, and walnuts to name a few. Aside from being delicious, nuts are high in unsaturated fats, making them a great snack to potentially increase the balance of glucose and insulin in our bodies (3).

What CBD products are the best?CBD sample

Ingesting CBD while eating a fatty meal/snack has shown a greater effect to help people, but everyone is different. Instead of asking which product is best, focus your attention on two questions: 

  • Why do you want to use CBD?
  • What benefits do you hope to experience?

By answering these two questions you can then figure out which product is perfect for your needs and then know if you should you take CBD capsules with or without food.

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