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CBD Oil for Pets Near Me

CBD Oil for Pets Near Me

CBD Oil for Pets Near Me

Did you know that CBD oil can also benefit your pet? That’s right! Cats and dogs can take advantage of the properties from our CBD products. Everyday, more and more people are searching for CBD products to treat their four-legged friends’ pain and stress. Just as us humans, our pets deserve the best life and Dr. Peace Lily offers you the purest doctor-formulated CBD products to help serve your favorite pet.

PeacePaws Tincture

Our pure hemp-derived CBD pet oil is easy to use and very effective. You can apply the drops directly into your pet’s mouths or in their wet or dry food. For pets under 25lbs use 0.5mL (approx. 15 drops) or as desired, and for pets over 25lbs use 1 mL (1 full dropper). Our pet CBD helps relieve discomfort and evokes a sense of calmness, creating a great solution for every pet no matter the age.

PeacePaws is a great option to ease the separation anxiety, especially for kittens and pups that come after owners leave their home. For those who adopted around the time of the quarantine, this will be a lifesaver. Pets that got so used to their owners being home all the time are having a hard time letting go. Now that things are back up and running again, our CBD pet oil can help them relax and stay calm and safe while you’re away from home.

This also applies for dogs that get overly excited around other animals, people or objects in general. You can give them a few drops before going for a walk to enjoy a nice time together without them pulling on the leash every30 seconds.

If you have an older dog, CBD can also work out for you and your beloved pet. Because it has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps reduce pain, it’s great for older animals with joint ache and bone problems. Just apply the recommended dose in their food everyday and your dog will be even more grateful.

Besides aiding in stress and pain, another great aspect that you will notice after using our CBD pet oil is the improvements on their coat and skin. Just as CBD has notorious benefits on humans providing them with moisturized, glowing skin, the same can be seen on our pets.

Scientists are researching the effects CBD has on pets and how their bodies process it. The best seen benefits is to use CBD in its purest state. Dr. Peace Lily only offers the best hemp-derived oil products, all formulated by a pharmacist. As always, we recommend consulting with your vet before administering CBD to your dog or cat.


Possible side effects.

The calming effects of the CBD pet oil can also come with side effects. Knowing them will help bring more awareness on what to look for when first using CBD for your pet. When using higher doses of CBD, your dog can experience drowsiness and/or a drop in their blood pressure, so make sure to dose a little at a time for beginners. Coordinate with your vet to adjust the perfect dose for your pet. Scientists believe CBD is processed by pets through their liver, so it’s advised not to use CBD products if your pet has liver problems or if taking another medication that is also processed through the liver. CBD Oil for Pets Near Me

Here at Dr. Peace Lily, we want to make sure you receive only the best quality, accompanied with valuable information to ensure your experience with CBD is the best that it can be.


Have you ever considered using CBD for your pet? Feel free to leave your comments, questions, and reviews on our page.

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