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Magic Potion CBD Tincture – 500mg vs. 1000mg

Magic Potion CBD Tincture

Magic Potion CBD Tincture 500mg vs 1000mg Tincture?

Just like any medicine you take, having the right dosage plays the most vital role for feeling the effect on your body.

This is why we added the 1000mg Magic Potion tincture in a higher dosage for those who may need our CBD product stronger. Same great flavor, same great taste with extra strength for those who need a higher dosage. This tincture is the ideal product for those that run out of their 500mg within a few weeks, if you take CBD 2-3 times a day, and/or if you require more than 30mg of CBD a day.1000mg

Studies on CBD found the cannabinoid has fantastic powers for its anti-inflammatory and all around stress in multiple parts of the body. We recommend those trying to cope with chronic pain to take a stronger dosage than our 500mg tincture! Even those who are bigger and taller in size will see how much of a difference you’ll feel with the right dosage.

Here at Dr. Peace Lily, we care about the well-being of each and every one of you. Thank you for helping us grow and change lives! We hope our Magic Potion Tincture will help you thrive in your daily routines. We’re 99% sure you’ll fall in love with it.



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