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Distinguishing Cannabinoids

Distinguishing Cannabinoids

Distinguishing Cannabinoids

When most people hear cannabis or hemp, they automatically think of the most common cannabinoids, THC and CBD. What if we told you there were more than two cannabinoids, actually hundreds!



All cannabis and hemp plants produce their cannabinoids in acid form before we know the common compounds THC and CBD. THCA, short for tetrahydrocannabinol acid, is a precursor to the cannabinoid we know as THC. In short, it’s raw cannabis! The euphoric high lies in heat, like smoking and vaping. Without heat, THCA would never be the compound THC. Unlike THC, it’s organic form THCA, will not have any psychoactive activity throughout the body, mainly because it doesn’t bind to our cannabinoid receptor, CB1, which gives you the “high” sensation. Just like the common compounds THC and CBD, THCA also has its benefits in the health field. Distinguishing Cannabinoids

According to studies, THCA may have healthy benefits working at a NON-psychoactive rate such as: Anti-Inflammatory, Neuro-Protective effects, Anti-emetic effects, Anti-Proliferative effects



CBN is another cannabinoid that is often talked about in the cannabis world. CBN comes from THC after it has aged and been exposed to oxygen. In other words, when THC has had enough shelf-life. CBN is 10-15% as potent as THC in terms of intoxication with a mild psychoactive activity. Since it’s derived from THC, it’s more identical in how it works with our body compared to CBD because it’s an agonist on the CB1 and CB2, while CBD is an antagonist.

CBN is reported by researchers to aid with: Sleep (main benefit), Neuro-Protection, Anti-Inflammation.



How about HHC? Well, the real word for it is hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol. In broad, it’s the saturated form of THC. Everyone knows the benefits and psychological effects THC has on the body, but why is HHC becoming so big on the rise in the cannabis and hemp world?

Let’s put it this way, HHC actually has a longer shelf-life compared to the THC compound. It’s because there is no double bond in HHC, instead it’s replaced with hydrogen via hydrogenation with help of chemistry and a lab of course. Because THC is double bonded, it has an increased rate of low potency and oxidation if stored too long. It starts turning into the CBN compound, which is what THC breaks down into. On the other hand, HHC is showing promising results on storage time without any breakdown of molecules. Now we see why more and more people are talking about the HHC wave, especially with the compound keeping its potency with a longer shelf-life.

As we can see through research, the only big difference between the two compounds, HHC and THC, is the double bond. Other than that, HHC and THC are pretty much identical to one another when speaking about the benefits it has on our body. Distinguishing Cannabinoids

These benefits include: pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anxiety relief, relaxation. Some research is showing results of HHC helping cancer patients by shrinking tumors. 


In Conclusion 

Everyday we’re discovering more and more benefits from the cannabis and hemp world. We as a nation are finding out what the whole plant can do for our bodies, especially with every human having a natural endocannabinoid in our system. Because of the different genetic chemicals in our bodies, we may need different cannabinoids to help align with our endocannabinoid. Depending on genetics, the environment, and the task at hand will help narrow down which cannabinoid may be the right fit!


Which cannabinoid do you resonate with the most?


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