Featured In Top Doctor Magazine – Dr. Peace Lily

Featured In Top Doctor Magazine

Featured In Top Doctor Magazine – Dr. Peace Lily

Hey Peace Tribe,

This year I was able to share the benefits of CBD with features from multiple magazines and the news. I recently had a feature with Top Doctor Magazine and even made the cover! I never even imagined myself on a cover of a magazine, let alone a magazine like this. I’m a first-generation Bengali female, who immigrated to America at the age of 7 and here I am 20 years later living the American Dream. Featured In Top Doctor Magazine

“How many times have you met people ready to embrace change in a heartbeat without second-guessing their decision? Not too often, for sure. As a species, we are hardwired to interpret change as a threat and, therefore, question it; we often either resist change or avoid it altogether.”

Click here to read the full Top Doctor Magazine Feature:

Other Features

Apart from being on the cover of Top Doctor Magazine, we also had the opportunity to share our knowledge about CBD with other platforms. These forums helped individuals learn the power of CBD, elevating many lives in the process. Our mission as a company is to always empower the consumer to holistically supplement their lifestyle in a pure, natural way. We do just that by providing high quality CBD based products applicable to all of life’s experiences. We wouldn’t be living our dream if it weren’t for the loyalty of the Peace Tribe. In just one year we were able to present our mission with the platforms below:

Authority Magazine:

Hour Magazine:

SEEN Magazine:

WXYZ News:

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