CBN Oil for Sleep

What is CBN?

You may be familiar with CBD, but have you heard of CBN oil for sleep? CBN is an abbreviation for cannabinol, a cannabinoid like CBD. CBN is a byproduct of cannabis degradation. Hence CBN is produced when the plant is exposed to heat or light (5). CBD being well known for its benefits overshadowed the benefits CBN has specifically for sleep. CBN is a good option for those who have trouble falling asleep and want to avoid prescription drugs due to their multitude of side effects.

CBN and CBD: The Power Combo

A study examined the combination of CBD and CBN in sleep improvement which may improve sleep compared to CBD isolate and placebo (1). This study shows that the sleep-inducing effect can be elevated when CBD and CBN are combined (4). Dr. Peace Lily sells sleep gummies with both CBN and CBD to provide the synergistic cannabinoid effect to help you fall asleep. Studies show that when cannabinoids are used together each compound’s benefit combines to cause an additive effect. This synergy is known as the entourage effect. In this case two is better than one, so it’s better to have both CBD and CBN to help fall asleep than to have either alone. Apart from the synergy of CBD and CBN, some people have reported combining CBN with melatonin to provide a well-rested effect (3). 

CBN Sleep Gummies

CBN has far more relaxing properties than CBD. However, CBD has many therapeutic effects on the body. Because of this sedative effect, you should take a CBN product an hour to a half hour before bed to allow time for the effect. The Dr. Peace Lily sleep gummies do not induce intoxication, so although you will feel tired, you will not get high. Gummies are a convenient dosage to take before sleep, but tinctures are another common product. 

What makes CBN different

CBN interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors to induce sleep. It does not cause intoxication like THC so it is definitely not the same as recreational marijuana. Furthermore, it is also not linked to the hangover effect that may make it harder to wake up as seen in prescription drugs and melatonin (3).

CBN Oil for Sleep

CBN oil for sleep is helpful as it diminishes aches and pains. Research also shows that CBN may have a neuroprotective effect which may reduce the occurrence of diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (2), give immune support, slow the growth of tumors, and treat glaucoma (6).


Dr. Peace Lily has created a CBN product for sleep, in the form of a yummy gummy which is convenient and easy to take! This gummy contains various cannabinoids which work synergistically. The gummy is broad spectrum and includes 25mg of CBD and several other minor cannabinoids along with terpenes to give you the best sleep ever. Terpenes are the aromatic component of plants which can contribute to the therapeutic properties of the product. 

Why Choose the Gummies?

If your wellness focus is on sleep, try the CBN and CBD sleep gummies, but broad-spectrum products such as the Dr Peace Lily tincture and full spectrum capsules are other great options for anyone to use that’s looking for a CBD products to get a better night’s rest. The Dr. Peace Lily sleep gummies do not induce intoxication, so although you will feel tired, you will not get high. Gummies are a convenient dosage to take before sleep, but tinctures are another common product. 

Ask before Jumping In!

Before starting CBN or CBD oil for sleep talk to your doctor or pharmacist. Especially if you are currently taking any prescription medications or have any medical conditions. This also goes for any vitamins or natural products you take. There are interactions possible between all these compounds which should be evaluated before you start CBN products. It may seem too good to be true, but CBD and CBN products are linked to a low side effect profile (4). This is advantageous compared to medications that might have a longer list of side effects and side effects.

CBD and CBN Oil for Sleep

When you want to ditch the melatonin and you feel like you have tried everything, look no further than CBN products. Dr. Peace Lily has CBN and CBD sleep gummies as well as broad spectrum capsules and tinctures, the CBN oil for sleep, to support your rest schedule.


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This article was written by Dr. Peace Lily Scientific Communications Intern, Caroline Cassol, and edited by Dr. Najifa Choudhury, PharmD.



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