Have you heard of the biphasic effect with CBD oil?

A biphasic effect is when one substance acts in two different ways depending on the dosage taken. Many compounds produce a biphasic effect, which means low and high doses can produce opposite effects.CBD is one of those compounds! Most people know CBD to help with stress, sleep, and body pain where it calms your body, slows down your mind and has a soothing effect but what they don’t realize is that if you take a smaller dose it can have the opposite effect on your body.

What Does Alcohol Have In Common With CBD?


In cases of small doses of CBD, it helps as a stimulant just like caffeine. Small doses of CBD such as 0.25ml to 0.5ml of CBD can help to wake you up, give you a boost of energy, and focus. It’s great to take in the morning before starting your workday or before starting a task that requires increased focus. It will help boost your productivity and make you feel accomplished at the end of the day! Your endocannabinoid system works to find homeostasis, and you can help it get there with the right dose. Another substance that has a biphasic effect is alcohol! One glass of alcohol will stimulate and uplift you but if you have too many then it will cause sedation and drowsiness. In order words, the effects of alcohol also are dose-dependent and it has a biphasic effect just like CBD oil.

Remember, You’re One of a Kind!

https://www.drpeacelily.One thing to note, just like any other compound that has biphasic effects, it depends on the individual! Finding the effective amount for you is an important part of your CBD journey. An amount that has a small effect on one person could be the same as one that has a stronger effect on the next person. Everyone is different, which means everyone has a different level of tolerance. Starting off with a small dose of CBD helps bring more awareness to aid your body in a healthy and responsive way! We recommend you write down how many mL or mg you are taking every day and how it made you feel either in a notebook or the notes section of your smartphone to better determine your ideal dosage for focus vs. sleep.