Holistically healing aging adults with their biggest problems

Sleep ~ Non-sedating and wake up feeling refreshed

Mood Helping to calm and slow down racing thoughts

Pain ~ Targeting the root cause of pain 

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A Trusted Pharmacist

-Dr. Choudhury

Dr. Najifa Choudhury is the founder of Dr. Peace Lily CBD

“Dr. Choudhury is a geriatric trained pharmacist who has dedicated her life to helping others through the power of CBD, transparency, and most importantly her gift of empowering others through education.”


Our newly reformulated full-spectrum capsules are great for those struggling to sleep at night or experiencing chronic aches in their body.

Each capsule contains 40 mg of full-spectrum CBD which is convenient to take at bedtime and starts working within an hour.

Dr. Peace Lily CBD has been grown, extracted, and manufactured under strict regulations to give you guys the most efficacious products.

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Is CBD addicting? And the answer is NO, not in the slightest way. I went from taking CBD daily for the last 3 years to stopping it all together last week when I came to South Korea.

I was able to stop it abruptly without any withdrawal effects or issues. But it did make me realize what a big difference CBD has made in my overall health from being able to sleep throughout the night to not feeling on the edge constantly.

If you are hesitating about giving CBD a try know that it’s not addicting and you can stop taking it at any time if you chose. 🌱☺️

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Are you 1 in 5 people who struggle with poor sleep? With how vital sleep is for our health and well being it’s not something to take lightly.

If you find yourself staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning, or not being able to shut off your brain at night then it’s time to give CBD a try. ✨

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The gift that keeps giving.

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As many as 90% of the population believes depression is caused by low serotonin levels or a chemical imbalance but researchers have found NO clear evidence that serotonin levels cause depression.

With antidepressants being the MOST frequent drug class prescribed, don’t you think we should know the root cause of depression and if antidepressants actually help?

And if you are struggling with depression and antidepressants didn’t help, know that you are not alone. Antidepressants can help but up to 40% of patients don’t have any benefits.

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It’s our founders 30th birthday tomorrow! Help us wish her happy birthday by placing an order today and wishing her in the notes section. @navigatewithnajifa 🎉🎂 ...

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Every time I talk to a customer who purchased our products for their parents, they always tell me what a difference it has made for their parents and their quality of life.

If your parents are struggling to get a good night’s sleep or constantly in pain then consider setting up a free consultation for them to learn more about CBD and start their healing journey with us.

Comment below if you want me to schedule a phone call or video call with them. 🧓🏻👵🏽👴🏿

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See What Others Are Saying About Our Products


My grandfather is, unfortunately, dying of Parkinson’s disease. His loss of motor skills and unable to do things for himself (plus the amount of pain he is in) had him in constant panic. Using the peppermint tincture, he was able to calm enough to a point where he was able to have more mental clarity and answer questions. Thank goodness for these products, and thanks even more for Najifa.

The only CBD I trust and highly recommend! Absolutely LOVE the gummies, peppermint tincture, and relief rub. All of Dr. Peace Lily’s products have helped me immensely from anxiety, pain, and restlessness. Stop buying gas station CBD and get the real deal. Worth every single penny and then some!

For most people, CBD is a new concept and there’s a lot to learn. Dr. Peace Lily knows the solutions to your questions. She takes the time to be thorough and personal with you. She has recommended some great products for me that I enjoy so much! Her products are easy to use and designed beautifully.

The tincture & capsules have been my holy grail items for nearly two years now. In the morning it gives me the best boost and mental clarity, and at night helps with my anxiety and insomnia, and I love that it is completely natural. I’ve tried other CBD brands/products, but these are simply the best.

My mom had been suffering from sciatic pain on her legs for a long time and it kept getting worse. Nothing seemed to helped and I hated seeing her in pain! One day I just thought of making her try cbd oil, desperate for her to find some relief. I order a tincture from Dr. Peacelily and had my mom take it for few weeks, and she loved it. She said she was feeling relief from the pain.

I started taking CBD from Dr.Peace Lily for over a year now and I wish others knew the benefits of it. The gummies are so helpful for a long stressful day(s) and the CBD rub is amazing! I even gave it to my mom and mother-in-law for pains and aches they have, they loved it! Najifa is also knowledgeable about her products and provides great information on how and when to use them. She’s really great at answering questions and making sure you are getting the most benefits out of her products.



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